Malverzacije s privatnim podacima

Mini-istraživanje iz rada za jednu konferenciju:

Table 1. Malfeasances with user data: online news from Nov-2018 to Feb-2019

Publisher of the news* Shortened link to the news “Perpetrator/-s” Deed
Washington Journal of Law, Tech and Arts Amazon Consumer generated mass surveillance
Business Insider Amazon Spying/tracking users
Financial Times At least 34 apps (games, etc.) Selling user data to Facebook
New York Times At least 75 companies Spying/tracking users
Techcrunch Facebook Spying/tracking users
35th Chaos Communication Congress Facebook Tracking and selling user data even if user doesn’t have FB account or app
Ars Technica Facebook “Knowingly violated” privacy laws
The Verge Facebook Spying/tracking users
Wired Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger Sharing user data
Business Insider Google Creating “bubbles” by filtering search results
Deutsche Welle Google Privacy breach
Techcrunch Google Spying/tracking users
Medium Google Spying/tracking users
Medium Google Spying/tracking users
The Intercept Google Spying/tracking users
Business Insider Google Secretly putting microphones in devices
Search Engine Journal Google, Facebook, Twitter Disrespecting the “Do Not Track” setting on web browsers
Bruce Schneier Government/-s Placing surveillance cameras in streetlights
Wired Governments  Spying/tracking citizens
Fair Governments Potential misuse of face recognition
Motherboard Hundreds of free apps Tracking and selling user data
Boing Boing Lifx Passwords saved insecurely (in a lightbulb)
Bloomberg Private DNA testing company Leaking DNA data to FBI
Business Insider Smart TVs Tracking and selling user data
Bleeping Computer Thousands of apps Violating policies
Techcrunch Unknown 24 million financial and banking documents published online
*News published during the three month period from the beginning of November 2018 to end of January 2019




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